Our asset protection strategies include, holding assets in limited liability companies, property held jointly with a spouse, and domestic, and offshore trusts. Additionally, we advise our clients to take advantage of state and federal laws that make certain assets inaccessible to creditor claims. Such laws protect salaries from garnishment and shield retirement accounts such as 401K, IRA, prepaid college plans and 529 accounts from creditor claims.

With the availability of such a wide variety of asset protection planning strategies and techniques, our firm can effectively help you keep what you own without any risk of violating the law. There are many “gray areas” and matters subject to interpretation when creating asset protection planning strategies. The attorneys and legal professionals that work with Charles P. Castellon understand the nuances and keep up with the legal developments in this area. Our clients receive all the information necessary to make calculated decisions.

With this in mind, the attorneys and legal professionals that work with the law offices of Charles P. Castellon can tailor asset protection strategies to the client’s individual risk tolerance level and comfort while never allowing our clients to cross the line of violating the law.

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